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The church has, from its beginning, initiated children into its sacramental life.  Parishes have devoted tremendous energy and resources to the development of their young members, and countless individuals have dedicated themselves to nurturing young Catholics. God has placed those most fit for the Kingdom in our hands.  We have taken our charge seriously. Abuse strikes children of every age and social back-ground.  Often it occurs in settings where children and youth completely trust in adults – in homes, schools, athletic programs, and most sadly, in Church.

In order to protect the children, youth, and vulnerable adults of our parish, Prince of Peace has taken positive steps to provide a safe and secure environment.  Our “Recognizing, Responding, and Reporting” program fulfills the diocesan requirements of the Safe Environment Program.

 To minister to our children, youth, and vulnerable adults, all volunteers and employees must complete the following requirements:

  • Complete the Screening form (link below)

  • Be interviewed

  • Have references checked

  • Undergo criminal background check

  • Complete the required annual training

  • Sign the Acknowledgment Form from the Safe Environment policy

All steps must be completed before the  individual will be permitted to work with children, youth, and vulnerable adults.  All information will remain confidential.


 All training initial  Safe Environment training sessions (Recognizing, Responding, and Reporting) are held at John Paul High School.

2019-2020 Training Calendar (for initial training)

Please note:  children under 18 are NOT permitted due to the adult content in this program

2019 DATE

7:00pm September 3

10:00am September 7

7:00pm October 1

10:00am October 5

7:00pm November 5

10:00am November 9

7:00pm December 3

10:00am December 7

2020 DATE

7:00pm January 7

10:00am January 11

10:00am February 1

7:00pm February 4

7:00pm March 3

10:00am March 7

7:00pm April 7

10:00am April 11

7:00pm May 5

10:00am May 9

How do I UPDATE my training?

The Safe Environment program requires volunteers and employees to update their training every 12 months.  Select the training module of your choice, complete and print the quiz and return it to the Safe Environment office at Prince of Peace in order to receive credit.                 


 If you attend a training session or workshop on any topic related to safety, it might qualify as your training update.  Some of these may be:  internet dangers or internet safety, bullying, CPR, training on using a defibrillator, adult abuse, Boy Scouts, etc.  Document your attendance by putting the name of the session, date, and a brief description.  Turn the paper in to the Safe Environment office.  Not sure if it qualifies?  Call Kay in the Pastoral Center.

Adult Abuse

Exploitation of vulnerable adults wears many faces.  So do the forces that help.  Sometimes a caring neighbor sees the need and tries to help.  Or a loving family member attempts to make a positive impact.  Unfortunately, an increasing number of vulnerable adults go unnoticed.  They may be confused, in pain, lacking strength or understanding, without power …. all alone.

If you suspect that a vulnerable adult may be the victim of exploitation, abuse, or neglect, call the Texas Abuse Hotline.  1-800-252-5400


Prince of Peace Director of Safe Environment Contact Information:                                                                                                          

Kay Elliott

Phone:  972-380-2100