What we are doing:

This Summer the graduating Seniors from the POP Youth program are going on the inaugural Camino de Santiago, one of the oldest and most traveled Christian Pilgrimages in the world.

Why we are going:

The goal of the Youth Ministry is to form the youth at Prince of Peace into Disciples of Christ by providing the most comprehensive and engaging ministry possible.  We believe that including this Pilgrimage to Spain for all graduating seniors is a perfect way to conclude their time at POP, and commission them as disciples as they transition into adulthood into college and the world.

Our pilgrimage to Spain this summer in many ways embodies our vision of creating Disciples, as we are going back to one of the sources of our faith.  The Camino de Santiago is the believed path that St. James took to spread the Gospel to Spain after Pentecost, and has been a Christian Pilgrimage site since the middle ages.  What better way to prepare our teens for a lifetime of evangelization than retracing the steps of one of the 12 apostles?

I would ask you to join the youth ministry in three ways as we prepare our journey.  We are hiking the last 111 kilometers of the Camino, and we are in need of your prayers.  Second, send us your prayer intentions.  It is customary for people to bring specific prayer intentions with them on the Camino, and to offer up prayers along the way.  Every day we are going to say a rosary for this community and we are going to bring your intentions with us to Spain.  Third, I would like to consider donating for this trip.  Our goal is $20,000 and every bit helps.