We have been at POP over 19 years, and as a ministry we provide interpreting of the Masses for the Deaf in the area or those visiting the area. We also interpret formation classes or meetings, work shops, special presentations if Deaf people express a desire to attend.

We currently consist of about 6 regular attending Deaf parishioners and 6 or so visiting Deaf Catholics, ages children to adult. We always interpret at 11:15 on Sunday mornings. We can be found just to the right side of the altar as you enter the sanctuary.

We have 3 main interpreters. We also have a handful of substitutes we can call on should one of us be unable to interpret. One of our Deaf parishioners also interprets with a voice interpreter on the 3rd Sunday every month.

New people can be involved with us if they would like to learn some sign language. If there would be enough of an interest, we may offer a class.

For more information, contact:
Liz Ellis
(214) 415-6778.