The Mission & Vision of Prince of Peace Catholic Community

Our Mission

To engage our community by celebrating, renewing, and sharing our Catholic faith through liturgy, sacraments, education, and service to others.

Our Vision

Live and grow as a Catholic community so that we might walk more closely with Jesus.

We are a welcoming Community.  All people are important, valued and an integral part of our community.  We welcome all those who come - old and young, members, new members and visitors.  We reach out to form personal relationships, giving access to our parish and resources, so that all can comfortably receive friendship, guidance and assistance. 

We celebrate our faith through our sacramental life, our Sunday worship, and in our personal, daily lives.  We lift our voices in praise through prayer and song. 

We have a hunger to encounter God and believe education is one of the ways to help feed that hunger.  We dedicate the resources needed to educate all ages of the Community. 

Our intimacy with God continues to develop through our sacraments, daily worship, study, prayer, and our personal lives, enhancing the sense of belonging and the feeding of being loved. 

We are committed to the youth in our school and parish, integrating them into one community so that their spiritual, intellectual, emotional, and physical formation is achieved with Catholic Christian values. 

We long to be a Community embodying the living presence of Jesus through our worship, faith, and outreach.  We see the presence of Jesus in our families and friends and in each other as we participate in many ministries and celebrate the liturgy and Eucharist.  Our abundance is evidenced in our volunteers who are fully involved giving their time, talent, and treasure.




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