The matrimonial covenant by which a man and a woman establish between themselves a partnership of the whole of life, is by its nature, ordered toward the good of the spouses and the procreation and education of offspring; this covenant between baptized persons has been raised by Christ the Lord to the dignity of sacrament.


Although we recognize that all of your life has been preparing you for this new journey in faith, we believe that the seriousness of marriage commitment requires an equally serious time of preparation be set aside before the sacramental celebration. The preferred time frame to start the preparation is one year, no less than six months prior to the wedding date.

You begin the process by submitting the wedding preparation form, which will be submitted to Angela Gwinn. She will contact you regarding setting an appointment to begin collecting the necessary documentation. Prince of Peace Catholic Community and the Catholic Diocese of Dallas cooperate to provide several different programs and services to help you formulate the most beneficial program for your experience.

The parish offers a premarital inventory called FOCCUS (Facilitation, Open Couple Communication , Understanding and Study) which identifies attitudes, values, and behavior, which the couple needs to discuss in order to know each other adequately enough for marriage. After completing the FOCCUS assessment, the couple may select one of the followinhg programs:

  • Prince of Peace Sponsor Couple Program: Using the FOCCUS assessment and In Faithful Love (a program designed to explore the FOCCUS results) married couples selected from the parish work with engaged couples to help them better understand the nature of sacramental marriage. The Sponsor Couple is trained by the Diocese and volunteer their time to support those desiring marriage in the Church.

  • The Engaged Encounter: The Engaged Encounter is a weekend retreat for couples planning a marriage. It is designed to give couples an opportunity to dialogue honestly and intensively about their future life together. Interdenominational and interfaith couples, as well as those who are both Catholic, are most welcome. An ideal time to for couple to attend is six months prior to the wedding date. To make arrangements to participate in an Engaged Encounter, contact the Diocese Marriage Ministry at 214-528-3260

Your wedding liturgy will be planned in consultation with the presider. The wedding coordinator will help with guidelines for use of the parish facilities.


Step One
Contact Angela Gwinn or submit the wedding preparation form. This step should happen at least 6 months before the wedding date.

Step Two
Register for FOCCUS Assessment. Both of you will receive an email from FOCCUS with their website address and password.

Step Three
Once you have completed the assessment, you will have 2 options:

  1. Work with a Sponsor Couple trained to review the results with you. This consists of four meeting of about 1 ½ hours each.

  2. Attend the Engaged Encounter weekend sponsored by the Diocese. This option will include one meeting to review the Foccus results


Angela Gwinn, L.P.C.
Director of Pastoral Care
972-380-2100 x134


Prince of Peace Wedding Policies

 Prince of Peace Catholic Community is honored to celebrate your wedding with you. In order to assist you with the planning of your wedding liturgy, we have created the following guide to make the choices that will make your wedding liturgy reflect you and your spouse.


Setting your Date

Before you book any reception venues or send out invitations, please be sure that the Church is available on the date and time you prefer. Weddings are not celebrated during Holy Week and on All Souls Day. Also, be aware that diocesan policy states that you should reserve your wedding date at least 6 months prior to the wedding date, so that you may have ample time to complete the required marriage preparation. Our parish counselor is happy to assist you with these marriage preparations and confirming your wedding date on the parish calendar.


The following times are available for your wedding ceremony. Fridays at 5:00pm and 7:00pm, Saturdays at 11:00am, 1:00pm or 7:00pm.  Any other times will need to be discussed with the Director of Liturgy to check the feasibility of that time. The wedding rehearsal is generally held the evening prior, and lasts approximately 1 hour.


Mass or Service

If there are two Catholics being married, Celebration of Matrimony within Mass is preferred. If a deacon is going to witness the Rite of Matrimony for the Church OR either the Bride or Groom are non-Catholic, the Rite of Matrimony Outside of Mass is used. This means that there would be no Eucharist offered in these two situations.


The Processional

When thinking about music for your liturgy, you will need to choose one piece for the Procession of the Wedding Party. This can be instrumental or music sung by those gathered to celebrate your wedding. This is a good option to allow those who are not familiar with our Catholic traditions and rituals to feel welcomed and to participate more fully in the liturgy.


The Gloria should be sung or said as part of the Marriage Mass, except for penitential seasons and other pastoral reasons. It is not used at Marriages outside of Mass.


The Readings

Just as on a Sunday, there are three readings from Scripture proclaimed at your Wedding Liturgy. Typically, there is a reading from the Old Testament Scriptures, the New Testament Scriptures and from the Gospels. During the Easter Season, the Old Testament reading should be replaced by a reading from the Acts of the Apostles. The priest or deacon that will be presiding at your wedding will assist you in the selection of your readings.


The Music

We realize that your wedding day is very special and music can play an important role in making

your day special and unique. Our music staff is prepared to help you plan your special day. In choosing your music please realize that the Church states that music used in the Rite of Marriage should be “appropriate and should express the faith of the Church…” (Constitution on the Sacred Liturgy, no. 78) A useful measure is asking yourself “how comfortable would you feel if you heard this piece at a Sunday Mass.” Because of the unique nature of the Catholic liturgy, it is important to have qualified musicians in place for your liturgy. Any outside musicians will require the approval of the Director of Music. It is recommended that you meet with the Director of Music to plan your wedding music 4 months prior to your wedding, so that musicians can be booked and the music can be adequately prepared for your liturgy.


Environment and Decorations

We realize that flowers can add beauty to your day. Because of the unique architecture of the church, we recommend minimal use of flowers in your decorating. If you wish to utilize flowers, realize that all flowers must be fresh and not artificial. Any decorations that are used, must be removed immediately following the ceremony and out of the way for any other parish liturgies. Because of environmental and safety issues, the use of flower petals (real or otherwise) by flower girls, rice and bubbles is not allowed at all. If you choose to use an altar arrangement, the height of the arrangement may not be higher than the top of the altar. No decorations may be placed on the altar. Our staff is more than happy to assist you in the planning of the environment and decorations.


Wedding Coordinators

We have a wedding coordinator on staff, who will assist with the facilitating of your actual ceremony. While you might choose to hire an outside wedding coordinator to facilitate the other details and preparations for your wedding, only the staff wedding coordinator will be allowed to provide coordination of the liturgy and other details on the premises of Prince of Peace.



We recommend the taking of wedding pictures prior to the wedding liturgy itself. Due to the sacred nature of the liturgy, we insist that the photographers taking pictures of the ceremony minimize their movement during the liturgy. They may not enter the sanctuary during the liturgy and no flash photography is allowed during the liturgy once the procession has completed. Our ministers are more than happy to restage shots following the liturgy as time permits.



We wish to make your guests comfortable while they are witnessing your Wedding Liturgy. We realize that your guests come from diverse backgrounds and traditions. To help make your guests feel more at home, we are happy to provide a worship booklet that will assist your guests with responses and make them feel more comfortable fully participating in your wedding liturgy. This is done as a free service to you.


Other Details

Know that we must have the Marriage License present at the wedding rehearsal. The license can be purchased from any County Clerk in the State of Texas. (By state law it must be purchased within 30 days prior to your wedding, but cannot be used within 72 hours of purchase.)


We do have limited space for receptions and dinners. Our Parish Administrator is happy to discuss those rental fees and policies with you.



All church fees must be paid by the wedding rehearsal. While individual checks and/or cash are preferred, you can also pay your fees to the parish as well.


The following fees are appropriate:

Clergy    -    Stipend as you wish.

Wedding Coordinator    -   $200.00

Director of Music    -    $200.00

Cantor   -   $125.00

Server    -    $25.00

Facility Fee    -    $600 for non-parishioners ($300.00 deposit is required at the time of reservation)

**If you are a parishioner and have contributed $600.00 or more, the facility fee will be waived. The Wedding Coordinator can assist you in determining how much you have contributed to the parish.







Marriage Preparation
Angela Gwinn
972-380-2100 x134

Wedding Coordinator
Leirer Sulli
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Brent McWilliams
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Darnell St. Romain
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Reception (if at Prince of Peace)
Linda Whitney
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