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MEET Margaret

Hello! My name is Margaret and I am so excited to be here at Prince of Peace! I grew up here in the Dallas/Fort Worth area in a Catholic family and was very involved in youth group at an awesome parish from 7th through 12th grade. Even still, I was content just checking off the “church” box on my to-do list every week and struggled to allow Jesus into my daily life. 

Growing up, I had so many other priorities that I viewed my faith as a requirement or quota to meet rather than an invitation into a relationship with the only one who could satisfy me.  It wasn’t until my freshman year of college that my faith became my own and completely transformed the way I lived. I attended Texas A&M University (WHOOP!) and it was through St. Mary’s Catholic Center and the incredible community there that I truly came to know the person of Jesus. I was in awe of the holiness of my peers, which led me to dive deeper into prayer where I discovered how joyful a life with Christ is. In His Sacred Heart, I found true freedom, peace, and fulfillment that has changed my life.  

Throughout my time at Texas A&M, I struggled to discern what God was calling me to do after college. I ended up choosing to major in Psychology and through consistently seeking His will I discovered that my greatest passion is in ministry. This desire to work for the Church was deepened even more through working at The Pines Catholic Camp for 2 summers and spending time throughout college volunteering at a local parish’s youth group. During my internship at St. Mary’s Catholic Center, it struck me that a career in youth ministry was where God was calling me. I am overjoyed that God has led me back home to the DFW area, and I feel so blessed to work to build His kingdom here at Prince of Peace.


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