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MEET Lorraine

Since the day Prince of Peace was founded, my heart has been a part of this loving and supportive community. I participated on the founding Advisory Board and have watched this parish grow from its infancy. I’ve been involved with so many ministries over the years, including leading multiple studies and directing the RCIA program. It’s all been a source of immense joy for me, as this parish and the Catholic Faith are foundational to who I am.

Currently I serve as the Procurator/Advocate to help and support parishioners seeking to have previous marriages declared null. I first got involved in this ministry while living in the Diocese of Raleigh, North Carolina. The diocese was looking to train laypersons to serve. I was always sensitive to those Catholics who felt that divorce separated them from the Church and interfered with their relationship with God, so this ministry particularly spoke to my heart. I saw too many people feeling separated from God due to misunderstanding the Church’s teaching concerning divorce. Yet, I know God desires to walk with those who are suffering and be their comfort. He wants a relationship with them, and He desires them to be in communion with His people, the Church.

Those experiencing divorce are often in need of healing and searching for a deeper relationship with the Lord. I feel honored that God has called me to walk with you through this process and minister to you. The annulment process is often a path of hope and restoration. I look forward to working with you in this ministry and seeing the healing that takes places.


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