The Catalyst Question

First Reading:HG 1:1-8

 Psalm:PS 149:1B-2, 3-4, 5-6A AND 9B

Gospel:LK 9:7-9

 In today’s gospel reading, Herod’s question is the catalyst question of our faith. “Who then is this about whom I hear such things?” It is the question that sets all other questions in motion. Is this not the question that has been ringing in our hearts since our first encounter with The Lord? The question that directs every realization and every truth we come to believe?

And though Jesus is written in every moment of our lives, every breath we are granted, we only allow Him to live beneath the tyranny of low expectation. While every difficult, joyful, trying and beautiful thing in our lives cry out that He is good, we only answer Herod’s question with what He is not for us and what He has not done for us. 

So the answer to, “who then is this about whom I hear such things?” becomes the one who takes away, the one who condemns, the one who forgets, the one who does not love. When we only allow Him to live within the boundaries of our mind and perspective, we do not get to see all the glorious things He is setting into motion.

As we are encouraged to do so in today’s first reading, “reflect on your experience,” look at The Lord’s resume in your life. When it looks like He has taken away, what has He given you? When it looks like He has condemned, what has He loved you for? When it looks like He forgot, where were you reminded of Him? And when it looks like He does not love, remember that you, Beloved, are still here. 

Allow Herod’s question to continue to carry you from truth to truth. Release Him from the bounds you confine Him in and allow Him to provide, abundantly, the answer in your heart.

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