Living Out the Gospel

Reading 1 NEH 8:1-4A, 5-6, 7B-12

Responsorial Psalm PS 19:8, 9, 10, 11

Gospel LK 10:1-12


I enjoyed reading today's Gospel because it allowed me to reflect on my own experiences and personal journey with my Catholic faith. In Luke’s gospel, he describes “Jesus sending out the seventy-two to go preach the gospel." I believe today Jesus calls us to do the same. I know most of us (including myself) would find it difficult to stand at a street corner, shopping mall, or airport, sharing the gospel. However, demonstrating Jesus' message of Love in the Gospels is something everyone can do in their daily lives. Even the simplest way we show our love for someone can be impactful and make a difference and bring Christ into the world. 

The best example in my life of showing God’s love were my parents, Joe & Alice Martinez. They, with my wife and I, are founding members of Prince of Peace Catholic Community. As life-long Catholics, my parents joined various ministries, programs, organizations in the PoP Community. They also volunteered their time and talent to help build the church and school. My mom was one of the first “security guards” for the school--You couldn’t pass her desk, without signing in, and getting a hug! Of course, she knew almost everyone and greeted you with a smile. My dad, with other retired men, helped with various school and church projects during the building construction and move in. My dad was like a permanent volunteer during the week. My parents were very humble, and they spoke to each person they touched with grace, sincerity, and genuine love. In Luke’s gospel they “see with the eyes of faith in doing God’s will and things will appear out of nowhere for you”. As their son, I always looked up to them for demonstrating their stewardship and more importantly their love for each other and others. 

Using the example set by my parents, my wife and I try to demonstrate our Catholic faith and love with everyone we meet as well. I think it is important to remember that we aren't just called to preach... we are called to live out the Gospel as disciples. My wife and I may not be preaching, but we are living the gospel by showing respect and love for those around us. In today’s world, I believe it takes a person of God with the Holy Spirit mixed with the Word of God to make the world better. It is my prayer that each of us will feel the passionate desire to “be sent out with the gospel” and pray to the Lord, that he might send forth more faithful leaders into the fields so that more will be saved. You and I, as disciples of Jesus Christ, are part of the mission to share the Good News of God’s Kingdom with others. Our Lord has graciously chosen us to send out! We are privileged to be part of God’s way of leading the world toward Jesus Christ.

-Rick Martinez

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