Trusting In God

Reading 1 ROM 8:31B-39

Responsorial Psalm PS 109:21-22, 26-27, 30-31

Gospel LK 13:31-35

I lived forty-five years of my life following my own will and my passions. Yes, I attended Mass almost every week of my life, yet I was not very attentive. I had my own sense of morality and ethics that I formed based on my upbringing and personal experiences. I also did not understand how prayer was powerful and did not sense God’s existence on earth. With all this, I did not have faith to rely on through life’s difficulties, and this proved to be a huge problem from 1999-2007. 

Gratefully in 2007, the POP Christ Renews His Parish retreat began my intense study and acceptance of (and my trust in) God’s existence on earth! I let go of my will, I started to follow God’s will (thus beginning my diaconate journey and surprisingly obtaining a Master’s degree in Theological Studies from UD!) I learned to manage feelings like anger, worry, fear, and anxiety, and I pushed away those voices in my head that did not speak well of me. As a result, I was able to hear that quiet, gentle, still voice deep within (1Kings 19:12), that tells us of our God’s love and power, and that offers us peace, guidance, knowledge, wisdom, gentleness, kindness, prudence, strength, humility, and more. It was like I found the password to that Divine WiFi signal; I eliminated those “characters, symbols, and digits” that impeded my receiving the Divine signal. 

Through all this, I came to understand that God is for us (Lk 13:35; Rom 8:31-33, 37), that Jesus intercedes for us (Rom 8:34), that I can allow nothing to separate me from the love of God (Rom 8:31, 35-39), that God provides His mercy very willingly (Lk 13:35; Rom 8:31-32), and that Jesus was committed to following the will of His Father (Lk 13:32-35; Rom 8:32) just as we all should be!

May we all eliminate those things that prevent us from obtaining that Divine “password.” May we be open to finding, following, and trusting the will of God in our lives (Lk 13:35). May we trustingly cooperate with God’s graces so we can be the best version of ourselves, assisting our journeys and those of others, towards eternal salvation (Rom 8:32)!

 -Mark Venincasa