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Being Ordained June, 2019, I was assigned as a Deacon to Prince of Peace--my Home.  I attended the first Mass ever at Prince of Peace, and our three kids all attended POP School from pre-school through 8th grade. At our prior parish I was in charge of RCIA sponsors for 5 years, and I have enjoyed sponsoring seven RCIA. 

I went to parochial school from kindergarten to 8th grade (my first grade was taught in Polish in the mornings and English in the afternoons), attended a Benedictine High School, and a Jesuit University.

I am blessed to have been formed in Ignatian Spirituality, having completed, among other things, the Ignatian Spiritual Exercises.  One of my best friends and my spiritual mentor for the last 40 years emphasized finding the Holy Spirit in our daily lives and embracing Jesus' unconditional love and deep friendship. To me, faith is an unlimited wellspring of joy! 

I started a law firm 27 years ago and continue with an exciting practice that takes me all over the country. I married way over my skis to my wife, Carmen, and we were blessed to have my three amazing kids. They live in Manhattan, NY and Dallas, doing finance, marketing, and computer engineering--one of my kids does a lot of stand up comedy.  I love playing golf and drinking beer with buddies--I am much better at the latter than the former.


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