Those called to serve on a building committee are strong witnesses of faith who are, or have been, involved in many of the parish’s ministries. Their familiarity with ministry programs and activities gives them insight into how a building project can capitalize on opportunities for growth, outreach, and service.

The Prince of Peace Building Committee will focus on building community by nurturing and executing the building campaign vision, “People of Purpose”.  The long-term goal of the building committee is to support our purposeful campaign to renovate, construct, and repair physical areas of the campus.  Committee members will provide advice and recommendations through collective wisdom.

The duties of the building committee will be to carry out assigned tasks, organize activities, recruit volunteers, and oversee the completion of activities.  Initially, the committee will fully engage in the design process.  Later, the committee’s role will evolve into an active project advocate and parish communicator.

The building committee will meet regularly. The committee will utilize parish input to help guide outside professionals, follow diocesan building procedures and policies, become familiar with essential guidelines such as Built of Living Stones and report progress to the parish on a timely basis.

The building committee will be in collaboration and charity with one another while keeping the mission of the project at the forefront of all deliberations and discussions.