Under the guidance of our pastor, Father Tom Cloherty and the president of the school Chad Evans, with diocesan approval, we are proceeding with the initial planning stages and consult hiring. The Prince of Peace Building Committee will focus on building community by nurturing and executing the building campaign vision, “People of Purpose”.

The building campaign initiative is a purposeful effort to capture our past, strengthen our present, and strive for the future as we seek to thrive as a family of Faith, Hope, and Love, in order to build up the body of Christ, which is us, the Church.

It is Fr. Tom’s intention that we achieve this through one collective spirit growing in Body, Mind, and Soul.  The Christian life provides an adventure for each of us. We need strength and courage to proclaim the Gospel, for this allows us to rejoice each time the Lord triumphs in our lives. We must fortify in full the Body, Mind, and Soul.

This campaign is not meant for a small group but rather for all of us to participate.  Building campaign results will permit opportunities for us to grow in our holiness and evangelize in ways we are currently not achieving.  Our desire is to restore ourselves who are the living temple, harnessing the effects of our formation so it can sustain us, and improve our community bond.  Now is the time to purposefully grow our Body, Mind, and Soul.