For Children who want to become Catholic                                                                                                     Class of 2016-2017

                                                                    For Children who want to become Catholic

                                                                                               Class of 2016-2017


What is KidCat?

The Catholic Church welcomes children into the Faith through the same process it uses to welcome adults, the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA).  At Prince of Peace, we call it KidCat. This process marks the beginning of a life long journey of learning about our Catholic Faith and deepening the relationship with Christ. The seeds will be planted, but children will continue to grow in faith and love through family guidance, our parish community and the Holy Spirit. 

What are the goals? 
Kid Cat is about awakening and sustaining a relationship with Jesus that can be celebrated and deepened.  We learn about the Catholic faith by:

  • Introducing children into parish life
  • Exploring the ways that Christ is present in people's lives
  • Introducing various forms of prayer and encouraging a life of prayer
  • Celebrating the Rites
  • Studying the Scriptures
  • Entering the community's life of prayer and service

Who is it for?
KidCat is a process for children age  8 and up.

While it is primarily intended for unbaptized children who have had no religious formation, it also serves children in grades 6-12 who were baptized, but who have had little or no religious education.

When do we meet?
The KidCat process is similar to the RCIA in content and ritual, but utilizes age-appropriate lessons and activities.  We attend 9:30 Mass on Sunday mornings and are dismissed to our classroom to break open the Word and learn about our Catholic faith until 11:15.  Children typically spend from September to Easter in the process, during which they are prepared to be brought into full communion with the Church at the Easter Vigil.

How do we begin?
We will begin meeting Sunday, September 9, 2018.  Prior to registering your child, you must first speak to the Kidcat Coordinator to discuss your child's religious education needs. Only after that may you register from the directions below.  
For more information or should you have any questions, please contact Sue Mann, Kidcat Coordinator, in the Pastoral Office ext. 157.
We welcome children into the process at any time however in order to be initiated into the church the following Easter, the child must begin in September.

Note:  Please review "A Walk Through the Process" under documents on the bottom of this page.

How to Register:

After discussing your child's religious education needs with the Kidcat Coordinator, you may register your child(ren) by using our on-line process.  Registration begins July 1.

Classes for 2018-2019 school year begins September 9, 2018

The fee is $70.00 for each child






KidCat Coordinator
Sue Mann
972-380-2100 x157


KIDCAT LESSONS FROM, "Our Catholic Faith" (Elementary Level):

(These Lesson Plans are NOT for the 2018-2019 school year!)